Non-certified and Certified Translations

In a wide range of languages, and a wide range of documents

Non-certified and certified translations

We do translations in English, French, German and Spanish, both certified and non-certified, with the meticulous commitment, seriousness and reliability that each submitted project deserves.

We offer competitive rates for large-volume projects, with no adverse effect on the quality of our services.

We have vast experience in the translation of technical, legal, tax, economic-financial, business and academic documents required for tenders with the state and for administrative procedures for studying abroad. We have provided our services to clients in a wide variety of fields, including:

  • Civil engineering and construction;
  • Legal firms which provide advice and services to multinational enterprises in Peru and abroad;
  • NGOs and international cooperation agencies;
  • Government bodies and institutions; and
  • Academic institutions; among others.

These translations can be classified as:

  • Heavy-duty machinery manuals;
  • Environmental impact assessments;
  • Construction methods;
  • HSE guidelines and reports;
  • Work progress reports;
  • Technical data sheets; and
  • Construction hand-over certificates, among others.
  • Service contracts and project management contracts;
  • Technical commercial support contracts;
  • Affidavits and powers of attorney;
  • Corporation registration documents;
  • Criminal record and police record certificates;
  • Birth certificates and marriage certificates; and
  • Court sentences, among others.
  • Financial Statements and Reports;;
  • Audit reports;
  • Letters of guarantee;
  • Technical-economical proposals;
  • Bills of lading; and
  • Quality inspection reports, among others.

For migration purposes and for studies abroad:

  • Syllabuses;
  • Academic transcripts;
  • Diplomas and degrees, and
  • Letters of Introduction, among others.