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About us


BVG TRADUCCIONES is our trade name. We offer professional translation, interpreting, subtitling and dubbing services. BVG PRODUCTS & SERVICES S.A.C., RUC No. 20555695099, was founded by Betty Villena García in Lima at the end of 2013 and is registered in the National Registry of Suppliers under code S1318422.

We have a vast proven record of experience in the service of well-known Peruvian and international enterprises, activities which are undertaken in a wide range of fields and areas, such as:

  • Civil engineering and construction;
  • NGOs and international cooperation agencies;
  • Government bodies and institutions;
  • Academic institutions; and
  • Law firms which provide advice to multinational enterprises in Peru and abroad, among others.

Our Team

We are a team composed of experienced translators and interpreters, all members of the Peruvian Association of Professional Licensed Translators, specializing in different fields. We observe strict quality and confidentiality standards which enable us to provide a final product in accordance with the individual requirements of each client.

Here are the main members of our team:

I am honored to bring together such a wonderful team, with whom we renew our commitment to provide professional services of the same high quality, availability and reliability as always. We are passionate and committed to our profession, and are always willing to be an efficient communication bridge for our clients, and to assist them in a personalized and timely manner.

Our motto is: “Always at the service of better multilingual communication, connecting people, cultures and businesses anywhere in the world”.


To provide our clients with the most professional experience that can be expected for their translation requirements.


To become one of the top five translation companies in Peru; to be considered strategic partners by our clients; to be known for our accurate translations; to be globally competitive, cost effective, and meet deadlines.